Massive congratulations for the outstanding performances of our two Combination Teams at the National Combo Cup in Sheffield on Saturday, 6th July!

At this National level competition, almost 100 teams entered and performed Combination Teams routines. Combination Teams are composed of team parts, a solo part, and a duet part, and must also include lifts. They are judged on Artistic Impression, which includes Choreography and Musicality/Performance/Transitions, and the execution of the elements (hybrid figures). The team is also judged on synchronisation, with the goal being to achieve the lowest synchronisation score possible.

We have been working hard towards this competition for months, focusing on our themes and our interpretation and performance of the themes. We even worked with a drama teacher to enhance our presentation. Tirelessly, we honed our synchronisation and the execution of our routine. The hard work paid off!

Our Division 1, Under 15’s swam 7th in the morning against 12 teams and executed an almost flawless routine with only 18.86 synchronization errors and an overall score of 63.55. Parents and coaches were overjoyed with the amazing performance of the Vampire and Phoenix themed routine. The girls, Harriett, Olivia, Charlotte, Phoebe, Alice, Abi, Felicity, and Sofia, gave it everything they had and delivered their best performance. Highlights included amazing lifts from Harriett, a solo from Olivia, and a duet from Harriett and Charlotte. The team was on tenterhooks right up until the last swim when it was announced they had won a gold medal!

Next up were our Division 2 13-18 swimmers, who gave another impressive and almost perfect swim with a low synchronisation error score of 12.5 and an outstanding overall score of 83.6 to a Top Gun themed routine. Swimming in Top Gun were Flo who performed the solo section of the routine showing great breath control, flexibility and complex figures, Ruby, who showcased the duet part with Flo and showed amazing height and synchronisation, Katie, Molly, Sophia, Saffie, Annie, and Lowri, who was on jumping, diving and somersaulting off the lifts. The girls all performed in the team hybrids and all transitions and gained impressive execution scores. The team finished a very respectable 6th place out of 17 teams.

It was a brilliant day for the swimmers, the proud coaches, and the parents. Well done to everyone involved!