After two fantastic and memorable years at Stockport Metro, I have made the decision to accept a coaching position back in Canada. The role I’ve accepted is the Assistant Coach at the Swimming Canada High Performance Centre in Vancouver, BC. Moments such as these are bitter sweet in that I have a rare opportunity ahead, but it means I must say goodbye to a great team and programme. I will be with the club through to the end of January and we begin the search for a new Head of Performance Swimming tomorrow!

There are several reasons why I have enjoyed Stockport Metro, however when I consider my top 3, this is what I think of:

  1. We care. The coaches care very deeply about the swimmers, their wellbeing and achievements. The swimmers care about each other and demonstrate a genuine interest in each other’s sport.
  2. We perform. The programme is built to develop successful athletes, both through the meticulous timetabling and club offering at all levels and delivery from the coaching team. The swimmers have access to what they need to achieve.
  3. We help. In times of need, as demonstrated through Covid, our membership shows understanding and a willingness to help. In the last 18 months, we have had numerous parents, swimmers and coaches step up to support the needs of the club and that mentality could not be more appreciated.

Together we made it through a very difficult time with Covid and have emerged in a strong position to continue the legendary success on which this programme has built its’ foundation. Stockport Metro will continue to thrive and build a base of future international stars. With the continued stability created by our staff and what will soon be a new Head of Performance Swimming, Stockport Metro is on track drive onward in the same upward trajectory we’re experiencing now. You and your swimmers are part of something special at Stockport Metro and you can expect that to continue long after my time!

I understand this message was quite brief, so if you wish to chat or discuss further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Kind regards,