We are excited to announce a new kit partnership with Delfina! Following on from QSW going into administration during the first lockdown, we spent time researching all options and focused specifically on a need to provide you with a service and kit that mirrored what we planned to provide with QSW. A seamless transition to a new kit supplier was our goal. After asking you for help, we had many suggestions to pursue and can’t thank you enough for coming forward. Below you will find helpful information about Delfina and the ordering process.

Who is Delfina?

Founded in 1989, Delfina is a family business specialising in the manufacture and distribution of high-quality sports swimwear and apparel. With distributors around the globe, Delfina is an internationally recognised brand delivering to clients all over Europe, North America, Australia, Singapore, Japan and more. The UK operations are managed by Ant McGuinness (AM Supplies Ltd).

Delfina currently have 5 ‘FINA approved’ styles of custom design swimsuits. They are focused on the development of swimwear technology and establishment of their brand as a leader for custom design products in the world of swimming sports.

“Our vision is a unique colourful experience at the highest performance”

The ordering process

Delfina offer ordering windows throughout the year that we will communicate to you. The first ordering window begins today and ends on February 28th. After that point Delfina is having the kit delivered to you in a 3-4 week timescale.

What happens to the kit ordered from QSW?

The new kit is as similar as possible to the QSW team gear ordered in 2020, which means anything purchased from QSW will fit in perfectly with everything provided by Delfina. You will not be required to purchase a new top if you already have the QSW one.

A new and exciting way forward for us!