Sean Kelly 1994-2020

Amid navigating Covid 19, the year 2020 marks an exciting new era for Stockport Metro Wolfpack. Head Coach Mandy Bell, Assistant Head Coach Liam Selby, Synchro Head Coach Sara Dixon and Tri Masters Head Coach Harry Needs will lead our exceptional team of coaches and swimmers onward into the next decade.

After 26 years at Stockport Metro, the time has come to mark the end of an era and pay tribute to our Director of Performance, Sean Kelly who will embark on his new role in September, as Spain’s National Performance Director.

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly
Stockport Metro 1994 – 2020

  • Olympic Games: 3 Medals (Silver, 2 Bronze), 13 Olympic finalists (14 Qualifiers)
  • World Championships: 5 Medals (2 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze)
  • Commonwealth Games: 17 Medals (3 Gold, 8 Silver, 6 Bronze)
  • European Championships: 9 Medals (3 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze)
  • European Junior: 4 Champions, 10 Medallists
  • World Junior: 3 Medallists
  • 5 Commonwealth and European records
  • Over 100 British and National records
  • 5 times top club (British, English & Speedo National League)
  • 3 time British Coach of the year (BSCA)
  • 2 time winner of the BSCA’s Award of coaching excellence
  • Splash Awards lifetime achievement award
  • ISL Coach

Despite the performance accolades above, those of you who have heard Sean recall the most rewarding and memorable moments of his career to date will know that they invariably sit with the first time he taught a young lad to swim which sparked huge emotion and his passion for teaching. Or the first time he coached someone to qualify for the National Championships at the Cheshire Championships. I can still remember the pacing of poolside and celebration to this day. The team successes at all levels from Junior to Senior have always been his emotive recollections. The memories of staying as a team at swim meets over the years and training camps such as Portsmouth, HPC Pretoria and Mataro which fostered long lasting team bonds, past and present, plus a clear affinity with Spain.

Building an environment with a philosophy based on team, regardless of the swimmers age or level, was always the aim. The performance outcome became inevitable. Sean has always attributed his success to the wider team and shown a true sense of humility.

The Wolfpack name evolved naturally as a result of that sense of team. Sean gave wolf figurines to each of his athletes prior to a meet, including 3 time Olympian and triple Commonwealth Gold Medallist, James Goddard who he coached from the age of 11 through every squad in the programme. James instinctively placed everyone’s wolf together in a Wolfpack formation on poolside. Thereafter, the inception of the Wolfpack name to aptly mark a true team.

What a legacy Sean Kelly. Long may it continue!

On behalf of the team, congratulations on becoming Spain’s National Performance Director, Sean. Thank you for 26 years of extraordinary dedication and commitment to Stockport Metro! You can be proud of the legacy you have passed on with the knowledge that Stockport Metro is in very safe hands.

Testament to the history of success of our team, Sean Kelly, Richard Blackshaw, Lucas Connolly and I will remain as Life Members in a voluntary but ever supporting role. Stockport Metro will always run through our veins.

Mucho suerte Sean!

Julie Bennett
Stockport Metro Wolfpack