On Sunday 9th June Stockport Metro competed at Broughton Leisure Centre against clubs from the North West and North East in novice figures and combination routines. Considering this was the first competition many of our novices had attended, they did amazingly well in figures.?

Novice 9-10 year

1st Molly Clews

2nd Sophia Butterworth

14th Jessica Royle

18th Darcy Ashton-Taylor

Novice 11-12 years

7th Eleanor Meehan

Novice 13-18 years

13th Darcy Wilkins

14th Elizabeth Walker

Grade 1 9-10 years

3rd Katy Senior

4th Lily Harris ? Penberthy

Grade 1 11-12 years

6th Lily Crawford

Next up were the 12 & under combination routines where we again had some excellent results.  Swimming 7th to Toy Story were Marisa Whitehurst, Alice Foster, Flo Dixon, Annie Lu and Kady Randall.  The girls performed an excellent routine which many judges from other clubs commented on.  They were synchronised throughout and showed amazing lifts and an exellent duet perfomed by Annie and Marisa and solo by Alice.  The girls finished in 1st place in division 2 with and execution score of 16.4, artistic impression score of 22.5 and a difficulty score of 17, an outstanding overall score of 55.93.

Swimming 9th were Stockport Metro?s Division 1 12 & Unders.  The girls swam to music from Hairspray and gave a fabulous performance with great duets and solo?s from Sonia Matei and Sonia Cybulska – Ludlam.  The girls (Sonia Matei, Sonia Cybulska-Ludlam, Katy Senior, Darcy Ashton-Taylor, Lily Crawford, Eleanor Meehan, Jessica Royle, Molly Clews) finished with silver medals with a brilliant overall score of 51.33! The girls really performed the routine and agined a high artistic impression score of 21.3

The final event of the day was the 13-18 combination routine competition which Stockport Metro competed in.? Katherine Whelehan, Grace Lu, Gabriella Jackson, Evie Walker, Chiara Pozzoni, Jasmine Jones and Holly Thompson swam a great routine, despite their being sound problems with the music.? Swimming to Harry Potter the girls performed some great lifts and Evie and Jasmine a great duet and solo parts of the routine.? Despite stuggling to hear the music underwater the girls finished in 1st place with a great score of 58.733, a clear 4 marks ahead of 2nd place.