To get us underway this morning, on the first day of the ASA National Championships, we had the Men's 100m Breaststroke with Ben Foster in the 13/14 y/o category and Oliver Crosby in the 17 y/o event; 
Ben delivering a PB of 1:13.46 to secure a 9th place entry in his final and Oliver also PB'ing in 1:05.72 to take lane 4 with the fastest entry time in his final.

Next up in the Women's 100m Breaststroke Kate Roodhouse swam a 1:16.21 securing her 10th place in the 17 and overs final

In the Men's 200m Freestyle
Joel Donald going 2:06.98 for a PB, 2nd place in his heat and making 10th place his final

The Women's 200m Freestyle saw Alisha Hawkins and Kiera Henley make their swims; Alisha with a PB of 2:08.43 to take her heat and Kiera swimming a 2:08.47. Both girls make the 15yrs final after a busy week at British Summer Champs.

After the 'comfort break' (allowing the ASA live stream to get the crowd on the big screen) we go to the Men's 400IM with Ben Foster (13/14 y/o) Harvey Jones (15 y/o) and Harry Lewis Mitchell (18 y/o) representing SM. Big shout out to Alex Crossland-Robins who qualified but can't be here today.
Ben swimming a PB of 5:01.51 and earning 6th place in tonight's final. Harvey swam a 5:02.83 making his final in 10th place. Last up was Harry Lewis-Mitchell going 4.42.23 for 3rd in his heat and on his PB. Harry also making his final in 5th in the 18 y/o event

Women's 400IM
Amy West (12/13 y/o's) and Hannah Jones (17 & over) go in this event. Amy Touching in 5:14.96 to take 3rd in her heat with a considerable PB and getting to the finals in 7th place. Hannah going 5:02.16 to go into her final in 3rd.

Going to be a busy night as all the SM swimmers made their finals

The Men's 100m Breaststroke saw Ben Foster going in lane 0 placing 9th in 1:14.38.
Oliver Crosby going in lane 4 went a PB of 1:04.33 to take the top step of the podium and GOLD medal in his final (from crutches to gold medal in 9 months – truly inspirational!!!)

The Women's 100m Breaststroke final saw Kate Roodhouse touching out in 1:15.74 for 9th place.

In the Mens 200m Freestyle Joel Donald went a 2:07.13 to take 10th place

The Women's 200m Freestyle saw Alisha Hawkins and Kiera Henley in action Alisha (L3) going 2:08.02 for BRONZE and Kiera (L6) touching in 2:06.87 for SILVER, both with new pbs; Tough Wolves.

The Men's 400IM event saw Ben Foster take 7th touching out in 5:04.45, Harvey Jones going 5:03.46 to take 10th place in his final and Harry Lewis-Mitchell touching out in 4:39.04 for 4th place in his final 0.25 secs off 3rd position.

The ladies 400 IM saw Amy West finish in 7th in a time of 5:16.90 and Hannah Jones takes the GOLD medal in her final with a time of 4:59.90