Day three at the British Summer Championships presented our swimmers with their first opportunity to combine their strength and compete in team relays. The SM squad also had six of their swimmers racing in individual events ranging from the 50M Free 'splash and dash' to the 1500M Freestyle distance event. The competitors for the morning's heats were:
Emma Rowson (200Fly), Holly Hibbott (200Fly), Katelyn Bergin (200Fly), Grant Quigley (100Fr), Emma Gage (50Fr) and Ben Foster (1500Fr).
Heats Session:
Three of our ladies raced in the 200 Fly. Emma Rowson qualified for the evening final in 7th position for the 16Yrs age group and Holly Hibbott, who was within her entry time by 0.51 of a second, will start her final ranked second for the 17/18Yrs category. Next up, was Grant Quigley racing in the 100 Freestyle. His time of 51:07 qualified him for the finals in 9th position for the Men's 19/Over. Our final individual competitor was Emma Gage, who earned herself another swim in the finals, qualifying in 4th position for the Women's 50M Freestyle 19/Over.
The Club posted some excellent results in the relay events. Out first was the Women's 800M Freestyle team comprising of: Elizabeth Harris, Emma Rowson, Kiera Henley and Megan Sheard. The pack of four clocked a time of 8:30:27 which put them comfortably in the top three for the evening final. Our Women's 17/Over 800M Freestyle Team also went out in force. The ladies competing for SM were: Lucy McKenzie, Emma Gage, Katie Matts and Anna Newlands. Spectators enjoyed another breathtaking team swim, seeing the ladies finish in a time of 8:24:11 which also placed them in third position for the final. 
1500m session: Ben Foster was Stockport's entrant in the 1500m. Ben swam a very strong race to finish in 10th position with a finish time of 17:22.75
The Wolves appeared in force on Thursday evening, with vocal chords warmed, to support their teammates. The finals for SM were opened by Emma Rowson swimming the 200 Fly, finishing in 8th position. Next up was Holly Hibbott. In a nail-biting race we saw Holly battle head-to-head to the finish, touching in a time of 2:11:02 taking first place 'to the delight of those in blue on poolside'. Her time, a new personal best, not only earned her that key position on the podium, but also a new 16 Yrs Club Record. Immediately after came the 100M Freestyle events, with Grant in the 19Yr/Over. He finished in 9th position, with a new personal best of 50:87. Emma Gage took the blocks for the last of the SM individual finals, in 50M Freestyle 19/Over. Improving on her time from the morning, Emma finished in 5th in 25:90 in a race that was tight to the finish.
During the marathon of the 400IM Men's Finals, SM swimmers made their final preparations for the team events, a favourite for both swimmers and supporters. In the Women's 14/16Yrs 800M Freestyle team, our ladies from the morning resumed their race order. The SM team gave it their all whilst battling for Bronze. Their sterling effort saw them cut their morning qualification time by a further 4 seconds, finishing in 4th position with a time of 8:26:56.
Leading the ladies out in the Womens 17/Over 800M Freestyle Team Final was Lucy McKenzie, followed by Katie Matts on leg two, Anna Newlands swam next and finally Holly Hibbott brought the team home. Support from the SM squad and followers was loud and passionate, as an early 2 way race developed between Stockport and City of Sheffield. Holly started to pull away on the final 100M. As her team mates eagerly awaited her return, she touched first in 8:09:71. Gold medals for our ladies, well done.
Holly Hibbott 200Fly 16Yr – Gold
Women's 800M Freestyle Team Relay – Gold